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Winemaker Highlight: Rebekah Wineburg, Post & Vine

Join us on IG Live this Wednesday June 17 @ 5pm PST for a chat with one of our favorite winemakers Rebekah Wineburg. Rebekah makes beautiful, balanced everyday wines under her Post & Vine label in addition to age-worthy, collectable Cabernet Sauvignon under the Quintessa label. More about Rebekah below and you can purchase her wines here for Rosé and here for the Red Blend.

How does a girl from Washington, DC end up as a winemaker? During spring break at the age of 16, co-founder of Post & Vine Rebekah Wineburg visited Napa Valley vineyards with her parents, and an Australian friend of her father who was a chemist and a winemaker. At each of the vineyards he explained winemaking and wine tasting to Rebekah. And so Rebekah discovered that her love of science could translate into a product of cultural significance, and frankly just plain old fun. 

After working harvests in Napa and earning her Master's degree at UC-Davis, Rebekah has gone on to make stunning, age-worthy wines for Quintessa. She started Post & Vine with friend Erica Kincaid to produce wines that reflect a sense of place with a focus on small historical vineyards that have been managed sustainably by committed stewards. Both with day jobs making high end Napa Cabernets, Post & Vine was created to make wines meant to be shared with friends and opened for any occasion.

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