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Folk Machine Valdiguié, Lolonis Vineyard, Redwood Valley

Folk Machine Valdiguié, Lolonis Vineyard, Redwood Valley

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Maker: Folk Machine

Grape: Valdiguié

Origin: Redwood Valley, CA

Farming Practices: Certified Organic

Why we love it:

Who: Folk Machine is a family owned and operated winery in Santa Rosa, CA and part of the passion project Hobo Wine Co. created by Kenny Likitprakong and his family. Folk Machine was created in 2005 to primarily be a home for Pinot Noir, but is now also the main venue for our more esoteric line of wines.

What/How: After being intrigued by the grape’s uncertain California history, Kenny began bottling single varietal Valdiguié from Redwood Valley Mendocino in 2009. He now consistently creates a wine with the brightness of Gamay and depth of Cru Beaujolais. 

Tasting Notes: High-toned red fruit notes of cranberry and raspberry balanced by rounder blueberry and violet tones.
Pairs With: Rotisserie chicken, slow roasted pork, chevre